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As the children make their way back into the class rooms this
week.........I remember back so many years ago when I was in grade        Karla's first day. school.  My favorite part was buying new school supplies, all those
pens, paste, composition notebooks, rulers and of course the most
important thing Crayola Crayons!  That green & yellow box with the
sharpener on the back.  As I open the lid, I smell that familiar
comforting smell of the old friends who helped color my world.  Those
that are no longer being made I cherish the most and safely keep
stored in a tin far from tempting little yellow, raw
umber, green blue, maize, blue gray, orange red, violet blue and
lemmon yellow.  How sad that in this world of new products we can't
find room to keep these old friends in our little green and yellow
Crayola boxes anymore! Like our beloved Victoria magazine, my box of
crayons awakens my senses to memories of gentle days gone by......
What do you fondly remember from grade school....please share with us.
Karla....wrapped in a cloud of crayon nostalgia


Although my parents were divorced in the mid/late 60's when divorce was not the norm, my dad would come to our house the first day of school.  Mom would make a special breakfast of school bus shaped pancakes or french toast.  After breakfast, Mom and Daddy would both walk me to school.  This continued when my younger sister and then my baby brother started.
It seemed that my parents were not suited for each other, but their love for their children formed a deep friendship that never faltered even after Mom remarried.  When my half sister was born, Daddy was a big part of her life, also.  She gew up calling Daddy "Uncle Charlie".  There was quite an age difference between us kids (I was the oldest with 13 years between us), Daddy remembered the joy of our first days of school.  He always remembered Donna's first days, and would stop by that morning just before Mom would leave to walk her to school, with a special something just for her.
Daddy's gone now, and has been for 7.5 years.  When I was home for a long week-end in July, Donna and I spent hours talking.  Mostly about how much she remembered about my dad.  Donna continues Mom's tradition of a school bus breakfast on the first day of school, even though her kids are high school students.  I might add, they love it.
I may have come from a broken home, but I was never from a broken family.

Vicki Noakes, AKA Miss Rosie


I see our "Remembrances" page shaping up, Karla! I have very very vivid
memories of coloring the color "purple" in my coloring pages in First
Grade. I can still see the heavily outlined grape cluster that we were
to color, and feel the waxy slick of crayon as I piled on layer after
layer of color to make those grapes shine like vinyl. I nearly wore a
hole in the mimeograph paper. Remember how that purple-inked paper
smelled when fresh off the mimeograph machine? I miss coloring and
(believe it or not) occasionally color to de-stress. I love the
instant gratification of beautiful color so intensely applied.

Grapefully yours, Marline


I went to a private elementary school in the mid 70's. When the teacher
needed to run "dittos" she would take our small class with her and let us
watch her make the copies on the mimeograph machine...that was so neat!
Thanks for reminding me!



All this talk of crayons is making me laugh.  I have spent so much time at the Crayola site, looking for information on colors I associate with fall.  What I would give to have a box of the 64 colors as they were in the early 70s.


I caught a whiff of the smell of mimeograph fluid about a year ago in UAE near a print shop.  I could have sat there all day--I love that smell, and the cool, damp, smooth feeling of the paper right after it was copied.  Every kid in my class would sit there and smell their worksheets when they came hot (or cold) off the press...


My favorite year in school was third grade.  We had a tall, pretty teacher with long hair.  She read us The Hobbit and Where the Red Fern Grows during the school year.  We could take a nap or listen.  It was probably one of the happiest times of my life, secure and carefree...  I remember my favorite red pinafore, 70s style...and I had a long fake fur coat!

Peechee folders, gummed reinforcements, shag haircuts with too-short bangs!

            Amina...who used to have anxiety attacks in late summer about going back to school!


What year were you in 3rd grade? I had a wonderful year that year! We had a double class with two teachers who team taught. They were an awesome team. Mrs Liffering would read to us, and one of the books was Where the Red Fern Grows...oh I cried with that book. She also read Charlottes Web. She was so good at making voices that matched the characters. We were also allowed to take a nap or listen. We all sat on the floor in a dim room just after lunch.That was 1979-80. I had a long brown fur coat with pretty shiny buttons in 1977. I don't recall having a jumper...but a lot of my friends did...corduroy ones! I loved my tall brown leather boots!